It’s always nice do have a little bit of advise from someone that has dealt with lots of brides and weddings.

Your hair should not be a last miniute consideraion. Remember your hair can make or break a look!

Search for insperation on the web and from magazines. 

Prepare to think differently from how you normally would! Here is a few things to consider….

What are you wearing?
Is it casual, romantic, modern, vintage ?

How formal is your wedding?
Laid back, inside, outside, formal?

When and where are you getting married?
The season will also be important in considering what style to choose for your wedding. If it is going to be in a rainy/windy season and the wedding is outside then it is advisable to go for something that will hold throughout the day. If it is a humid country, then you have more to think about.

Do you have any flaws?
Know what you dislike about your hair and what you would not like to see on yourself.
Be truthful to your hair stylist about this to help them find something suitable. Do not forget the shape of your face in your choices. Every bride wants to look her very best and feel beautiful on their wedding day and so the style  you choose should be one that will emphasize that fact.

Do you want to add any finishing touches to your hairstyle?
If you are thinking of having the wow factor and making a big statement with your hair accessory and not the bridal hairstyle, then the simpler the style the more the accessory will stand out. Delicate small hair accessories are great with smoother finishes as they will stand out more. In my opinion, the busier or bigger the hair accessory the simpler the style and vice versa.

What style dress do you have? Do your dress have a high back? Low back? Shoulders straps? Strapless? Plain? Lots of detail? These are things you also have to take into consideration as some styles will look better depending in the style.

Remember this is just some advise but you are welcome to what you desire as it’s your special day!!